Pastoral Council

In the past, the leadership of a Catholic parish often rested solely in the hands of the pastor of that faith community. Today, baptized members of parish communities are now invited to share in that ministry of leadership along with the ministerial staff who works with the pastor. The baptized do this in a very particular way as members of the parish Pastoral Council. Chosen from among their brothers and sisters in faith, the members of our Pastoral Council represent four general areas of ministry at St. Mary’s: Word, Worship, Community Building & Service.

Our Pastoral Council – 2018-2019

We want to offer a word of prayerful congratulations to the following members of our parish Pastoral Council who were chosen to assume positions of leadership on the council. They are:

Mattea Truppe

Patricia Barclay

Maria Bernard

Carol Filingeri

Barbara McEllen

Carol McGuire

Michele Patetta

Joseph Scalia

Grace Tagliareni

Dorothy Zdanowicz

Deacon John Sylvester

Father Stephen Carey

About the Pastoral Council …

In large measure, the Pastoral Council of any parish is a result of the guidance of the Holy Spirit at the Second Vatican Council, held in the early 1960’s. That same Spirit guides each parish, called into being as the Body of Christ in a local area. The Pastoral Council assists the pastor through their insights and knowledge of the particular parish where they serve in ministry. Often, they have an intimate knowledge of the parish since they have been members for varying numbers of years. Because of the diversity of the members of the Pastoral Council, they bring to their deliberations a rich variety of thoughts and opinions.

However, the Pastoral Council does more than simply function in an advisory capacity, although that is clearly a significant role. Simply put, they are the “dreamers” of the parish, the visionaries. Having both a knowledge of the history of the parish and an experience of its present reality, members of the Pastoral Council seek to articulate a vision. Knowing where they came from and immersed in where they are at present, the men and women of the Pastoral Council are able to formulate a plan for the future.