Fundraiser for a Parish Family on June 2nd

Elaine Pizzute-Ashare, a life-long resident of Dumont is the daughter of the late William “Bill” Pizzute, himself a vibrant member of the Dumont community. Bill served as Borough tax collector, as an assistant at the Dumont Board of Education, and was a founder of the Dumont Good Neighbor Fund and was easily recognized jogging around town. He was also an active member of St. Mary’s serving as a Eucharistic Minister, CCD teacher and carnival volunteer.

Elaine was diagnosed with MS nine years ago and has been unable to work. Her husband of 23 years passed away early this year after a long illness. She is now a young widow with limited income, no health insurance and one son in college. Elaine needs our help.

There will be a fundraiser on Saturday June 2nd in St. Mary’s school hall to raise funds for the family. It is sponsored by the Knights of Columbus of St. John’s Council #1345, the Columbiettes of St. John’s Council and St. Mary’s Church.

Please join us to show your support for Elaine, a Dumont native who is in need and spread the word to your friends and neighbors. Details are on the flier which is also in the bulletin as well as at the doors of the church.