Baptismal Preparation Team

Baptism team members visit families that are having a baby baptized and bring a packet of information about Baptism and about St. Mary’s. Team members also assist at the Masses where children are baptized. They are also asked to visit one family a month on average and to assist at Mass every few months. Call 201-384-0557 for more information.

Baptismal Garment Maker

During the rite of Baptism, a small white garment is placed over the person being baptized as a sign that they have “put on Christ,” that they have risen with Christ. The garment is embroidered with a cross to signify the redemption that Christ won for us when he died. Flowing water is also embroidered on the garment, signifying that those baptized are “born of water and the Spirit.” At St. Mary’s, these garments are made by parishioners so that the initiation of the newly baptized is much more personal. The sewing and embroidering is done by individuals in their homes whenever their schedules allow. Call 201-384-0557 for more information. 

Religious Education Volunteers

Our parish Religious Education program needs men and women who volunteer, but who are not directly involved in teaching within a classroom setting. Examples of what such volunteers would do would be: answering phones, assisting with preparing mailings to parents of our Religious Education students, hall monitors. Call 201-384-0557 for more information.

Transfiguration Academy

As of September 2006, St. Mary’s School has merged with St. John’s School, Bergenfield, and Ascension School, New Milford, to form Transfiguration Academy. This new school will be co-sponsored by these three parishes so that Catholic school education will remain available and affordable in our area of Bergen County.

Our goal is to educate our children spiritually, academically, and socially and to foster an atmosphere that recognizes the dignity and diversity of every student. In addition to teaching our students to live the Gospel message and to work together, we also offer classes that will provide them a solid foundation for their future education. Our volunteers are parents/grandparents, but we also invite parishioners to become involved in the life of our co-sponsored school. Call 201-384-0557 for more information.

Small Christian Communities

As a result of the RENEW International process in which parishes were involved several years ago, our parish now has a number of Small Christian Communities (SCC). These faith-sharing groups, composed of 6-12 people per group, come together to reflect upon the Scriptures, to share faith stories, to pray together and to offer mutual support in deepening their own faith lives. Although each community is unique in its membership, style and format, each group reflects on the Sunday Scripture readings or on various spiritual themes. If you would like to be a part of an established SCC or if want to lead your own SCC with friends and/or parishioners, call 201-384-0557 for more information.

Pre-Cana Team

Engaged couples, intending to marry at any Catholic parish in the Archdiocese of Newark, are required to attend a formation program in preparation for their wedding. One choice they have for this formation program is Pre-Cana. This program is offered once a year at St. Mary’s, usually in the spring. Married couples in our parish present talks, based on their own lived experience, on a variety of topics related to Christian married life. Time is provided for couples to share with each other and to reflect upon some important aspects of their future lives together. Married couples in our parish are invited and encouraged to consider becoming part of the Pre-Cana process in different and important ways. Call 201-384-0557 for more information.

Sacramental Preparation I

Men and women who seek to come forward as catechists for one part of our sacramental preparation program assist us in the immediate preparation of our parish 2nd graders for the celebration of First Penance and First Communion. They teach in special classes during the months of November (Penance) and March (First Communion). They also assist the director of our Sacramental Preparation Program at parent meetings, a retreat morning and rehearsal sessions. Call 201-384-0557 for more information.

Sacramental Preparation II

In 9th grade, our teenage parishioners celebrate the sacrament of Confirmation. Men and women who volunteer as catechists in this program provide assistance in preparing our Confirmation candidates. They serve as leaders for small group discussions which are conducted during special sessions in the month of March. They also assist at orientation meetings, retreat days and rehearsal sessions. Call 201-384-0557 for more information.